- Honor Graduates: To be an Honor Graduate, a student must have taken a minimum of 2 AP classes and have an academic weighted GPA of 95.0, unrounded. To qualify for Valedictorian or Salutatorian, a student must have taken at least 4 AP classes. Joint Enrollment does not count for these requirements.

- Dress Code Clarification: Stripes, plaids, floral patterns & camo shirts are not allowed. Shirts must be green, gold, white, black, or gray. Students may not wear black-on-black; therefore, you cannot wear black tights/leggings with a black dress.

- Attendance Update: Students who are absent 20 days or more in a semester may not earn credit for courses. 

- Cheating: If a student receives answers to a test and they do not disclose this information to an adult, the student is guilty of cheating. If a student receives answers to a test and forwards them to another student or students, all involved (sender and recipients) will receive a zero and other disciplinary consequences whether they use the information or not. Please be aware of these expectations.