Academics » New Courses for 2021-2022 - Rising 9th

New Courses for 2021-2022 - Rising 9th

Intro to Digital Technology (first class in the new Computer Science Pathway)
Introduction to Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security (first class in the new Criminal Justice Pathway)

Beginning Music Technology - Course Description

In this course, students will learn the history of music technology and the evolution of popular music and hip hop. Students will explore the genres and elements of music creation and how to layer these elements together to create their own compositions. Students will explore computer software and are introduced to basic MIDI sequencing software to create multi-track songs and original musical compositions. Each unit will consist of content presentation along with the opportunity to apply the knowledge into an individual project. 

Georgia Standards (page 92-105):

Course Outline:

  1. History of Music Technology

  2. Computer Basics (setting up equipment, keyboard shortcuts, etc)

  3. Elements of Music

    1. Rhythm / Melody 

    2. Harmony / Form

  4. Music History

    1. Jazz 

    2. Rock and Roll/Rhythm and Blues / Motown

    3. Funk / Hip-Hop

  5. Editing/EQ

    1. Sampling

  6. Recording

    1. Microphones

    2. Software

    3. Live sounds

  7. Film Scoring and Sound Effects

    1. Recording Foley Sounds/Effects

    2. Film Composition