Cape Day for CHOA

Friday, October 16th Buford City Schools will be participating in Cape Day in honor of the real heroes at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. 


BHS Goal - $1,680.00


Students at BHS are encouraged to participate in a number of ways:


  • Make a donation to CHOA during the week of October 12th- October 16th. Donations will be taken during all lunches.
      • Students who make a donation will receive a jeans day sticker allowing them to wear jeans on Friday, October 16th along with their superhero shirt and/or cape.
      • The donations are a grade-level competition. The grade that donates the most money will be awarded an additional jeans day at a later date. 
  • **BHS total donations must meet our minimum goal 0f $1,680.00 ($1 per student at BHS) before a jeans day is awarded to a grade level.) 
  • Pre-purchase a cape from CHOA to wear on Friday, October 16th (link to purchase can be found HERE) or make your own cape to wear on Friday, October 16th.
  • Digital learners who wish to contribute to the BHS donation to CHOA can do so HERE.