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There are two primary forms of testing at Buford High School:

Benchmark Testing and Standardized Testing. 

Benchmark Testing occurs at the end of every six weeks. In each class, Benchmark 1 is worth 100 points, Benchmark 2 is worth 200 points, and Benchmark 3 (a.k.a. the final exam) is worth 600 points. Benchmark assessments are both comprehensive and cumulative. 

There are three types of standardized testing administered at Buford High School. 

  • Students in grades 9-11 take the PSAT in October of each year. 
  • Students in Advanced Placement (AP) courses take AP Exams each May.
  • Students in any of the courses with a State of Georgia End-of-Course Exam, also known as Georgia Milestones, take those exams in May. The four courses this applies to at Buford High School include: 
    • American Literature (11th Grade Language Arts)
    • United States History
    • Biology
    • Coordinate Algebra

Buford High School

Testing - Update (February 2020)


Buford High School will administer the Georgia Milestones End of Course assessments to students enrolled in American Lit/Comp, Coordinate Algebra, Biology and US History on the following dates:


April 29, 2021  Coordinate Algebra

May 3, 2021     American Lit/Comp (Section I)

May 4, 2021     American Lit/Comp (Section 2 & 3) 

May 6, 2021     Biology

May 10, 2021   U.S. History


As required by federal law, all students, including digital students, must participate in these state assessments.  Digital students will participate in these assessments in a separate, designated area at each school.  Additional information will be provided as plans are finalized.  


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