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School Council

Local School Council

Upcoming Dates:
March 7th
April 11th
May 9th

Who Serves on a School Council?
School councils are comprised of a minimum of seven council members:
·         The principal
·         At least two certificated teachers elected by the teachers
·         A number of parents elected by the parents, so that parents make up a majority of the council.

·         At least 2 parents must be business persons
·         Other members as specified in the council's by-laws

Council members serve a term of two years, or for a term specified in the council's by-laws.

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of Council Members?
All members of the School Council must:

·         Maintain a school-wide perspective on issues, 
·         Regularly participate in council meetings, 
·         Participate in information and training programs, 
·         Act as a link between the school council and the community, 
·         Encourage the participation of parents and others within the school community, and
·         Work to improve student achievement and performance. 

Current School Council Members:

Molly Moore, Chairman

Heidi Davis, Secretary

Kari McIntyre, Assistant Principal

Leah Curtright, Faculty Member

Vanessa Gordon

Rhonda Cunningham

Lisa Hunter

Rita Lang

Amy Klem

Johnny Barnard

Jeff Espy