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The Buford High School Clinic is open daily from 7:10am - 3:10pm. 
School Nurse: Marissa Schaffer, R.N.
Contact: 770-945-6768, [email protected]
The following Medication Administration Assistance Form should be completed and returned to the BHS Clinic if students need to take medications at school. Please bring the form with the medication to the BHS Clinic.
*Administration of medicine during school hours is discouraged.  Parents should check with their physician regarding the need for medication during school hours.  Medications prescribed three times daily often can be given before school, after school, and at bedtime.  
BCS Nurses administer medication for students prescribed by doctors on a continual basis.  All other over-the-counter, homeopathic, herbs, essential oils, etc are not administered at school but may be administered by the parent before or after school as desired.  Over-the-counter drugs (Tylenol, Advil, Benedryl, etc) are not administered on a continual basis, unless prescribed by a physician for chronic/acute disorders.