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This year we will be studying the aspects of LIFE - the chemical characteristics, how it functions at cellular and sub-cellular levels, how it behaves, how it changes and the interactions different life forms have with each other and the environment.
1st Period - Planning
2nd Period - Honors Biology
3rd Period - Honors Biology
4th Period - Honors Biology
5th Period - Regular Biology
6th Period - Regular Biology
7th Period - Honors Biology
For more instructional content and review materials, please click on the appropriate link.  You can also access many of these materials from the Google Classroom page.
Upgrade Times:  Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7:10 - 7:40am.
Afterschool by appointment.
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About the teacher:
This is my 27th year as a teacher.  My wife and I have two sons and two dogs (boxers).  I attended the University of Georgia.  I enjoy playing many different sports in my time outside of school.