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7th Planning
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5th Period DLD 4.14.20

Today's assignment is 20 minutes in Moby Max - Most of you are still in the Viruses lesson; try to make it to the Protist Lesson by the end of your session today.
Tomorrow we will do Protist Notes and get the Benchmark study guide.

5th Period DL 4/13/20

Hi all! Welcome back to digital learning. I hope everyone had a wonderful restful week and you are ready to get back to school. I have missed seeing you all each day.
This week we are going to continue to learn about Kingdom Protista. Before the break I posted a powerpoint for you to review and a reading worksheet on the Amoeba, one of the best known animal - like protists. Today we are going to read about the different groups in kingdom protista and why they are grouped together. After you read. Answer the questions on the google doc. Tomorrow we will work in Moby Max since many of you still need to work through to Protists. Wednesday and Thursday we will do notes and then we will start reviewing for Benchmark 2 which will be next Thursday (4/23) for science.
For Today: Read The Protist Kingdom Reading Comp
Answer the reading questions on the google form.

6th Period DL 4.13.20

Welcome back to online learning boys! I hope you guys had a great break and got some rest and relaxation away from school!
Here is a quick overview of the next week or so...we are going to cover more of Kingdom Protista this week. A webquest today, followed by notes, quizizz, a google form and then the study guide for Benchmark 2. Benchmarks will be given next week so you will get review material this week and next week you will study. Benchmarks can only help you, so I encourage you to study and do well to improve your average!!
I miss seeing you guys everyday. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or if there is anything I can help you with (in any subject area) The gradebook should be updated from all of the work for the first 3 weeks; please let me know if you see a mistake! You can go back and complete any assignment that is flagged as missing. There will be no late penalty.

For today: Protist Webquest - - open the doc - you can print it out, write on the hardcopy, then send me a picture, or you can complete the webquest in a google doc and turn in. Have a great Monday!!

6th period DLD #14 4.2.20

Complete the Edpuzzle with a great introductory video for protists.
We have made it to the end of week 3! No new work tomorrow; just catch up on anything you weren't able to get to this week. Check the gradebook for anything you are missing and complete makeup work!
I miss you guys!
Mrs. T

5th period DLD #14 4.1.20

Links and forms posted on google classroom
DLD #14 4.1.20
We have made it to the end of week 3 and the announcement just came that we won't go back to school :( I miss you guys very much and wish we could be together again before the end of the year. But since that won't happen, I will just look forward to next year!
For today's lesson you are going to answer the questions over the Amoeba reading passage from yesterday and complete the edpuzzle video assignment posted above.

5th Period DLD #11/12 3/31 and 4.1

 Yesterday's lessons were posted to google classroom. I am recapping them here.
Complete 20 minutes of Moby Max; you should be finished with the classification lesson and into the microorganisms lessons. Remember you are being evaluated on time completed and focus.
Review the powerpoint and read the Amoeba document. 
Tomorrow you will watch a video and answer questions about the video, the powerpoint and the reading on a google form.

6th Period DLD 4.1

Writing Assignment; Compare and contrast bacteria and viruses
Assignment instructions and documents are posted to google classroom.

5th Period DLD # 11 3.30.20

Hey Everybody! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I know I loved the beautiful weather. I miss you guys though, and this staying home thing is for the birds!
So we will carry on for this week and learn about more unicellular organisms. Those that did the research on diseases did such a great job!!!
Today we are going to read about Unicellular Organisms and then answer the questions on the google form.
Check powerschool for all of the grades that I entered over the weekend. If you have work to make up, please do so and let me know when you finish work so I can check it and give you credit.

6th Period DLD #11 3.30.20

DLD #11
Hey Boys! I hope you had a great weekend! Make sure you check the gradebook to see what I entered over the weekend and complete any of the assignments that you are missing. This week we will be reviewing Kingdoms of living things and we will start today with an overview of the 6 Kingdoms. The rest of the week we will review bacteria and viruses and finish Thursday with an overview of Protists and Fungi.
For Today:
Review the attached powerpoint
Use the powerpoint to finish the chart and questions
Complete the 15 question quizizz assignment posted below.
Let me know if you have any questions!!
Miss you guys!

5th Period DLD #9 3.26.20

DLD #9
Today you need to finish up your disease research. I created an assignment for you to turn in your information about your 2 diseases. Kahlayszia had a great idea and made hers into a google slide doc! Way to work!!
Tomorrow there will be NO NEW Assignments. We will use Friday to finish up any missing work and for me to grade etc. So Friday I will be reaching out to those of you who have missing assignments.
Keep up the great work!!
Mrs T

6th Period DLD #9 3.26.20

DLD Day #9
Today we will assess where we are with the classification information and the dichotmous key. I opened the google form for the tree dichot key back up so if you want to try again to do better you can take it as many times as you need. If you need help with the dichotomous key, let me know and I can set up a face to face conference so we can go over it.
I am posting today's form and yesterday's below so you can go back.
Tomorrow there will be no new work, so if you missed something or want to redo something you have Friday to catch up.
Miss you guys!
Mrs. T

5th Period DLD #7

You now know about Viruses, (nonliving) and bacteria (living, prokaryotes.
For the rest of this weeks assignment, you will choose 2 diseases caused by either bacteria or a virus (no other diseases). Then complete the following questions about your disease. (you should have at least one complete sentence for each prompt.
We are dealing with a crazy situation with the Covid - 19 virus and I want you to be able to understand the positives and negatives of viruses and bacteria.
Let me know if you have any questions!!
Miss you all!!

Disease Quest

1. What is the name of your disease?
2. Is the disease caused by a virus or bacteria?
3. What are the symptoms of the disease?
4. Is the disease treatable? Curable? Preventable?
5. If so, how?
6. Where in the world is this disease found most often?
7. Draw a picture of the organism that causes this disease.
8. How does this disease affect the human population today?

6th period DLD #8 3.25.20

Digital Learning Day #8 (posted to google classroom)

3.25.2020 Wednesday

Today's Assignments:
1) Complete the Dichotomous Key Portion of Your Notes Packet. Attached you will find a printable copy of the notes as well as the notes in PowerPoint and a Video Version of the notes explained.

2) Complete the Attached Tree Dichotomous Key: You can print it out, answer the questions on your own paper, or complete the word version electronically. --> You will be identifying trees by their leaf shape and patterns. (You must download the document for it to print correctly) Take your time to make sure you are correctly identifying the organisms. Your accuracy will determine your grade on assignment #3.

3) Once you have finished the Tree Dichotomous Key complete the google form below.

6th Period DLD #7 3.24.20

Today we will be listening and following along to the Classification notes. The fill in the blank version for you to fill out is posted below. (in google classroom) Follow along with the notes; Ms. Rhymer is narrating. 
Once you have listened to the explanation of the notes complete the quizizz. Don't forget, you should be working for ~20 min a day on Science. If you are getting behind, this will really pile up...keep working daily. 
Mrs. T

5th Period DLD #7 3.24.20

DLD #7 3.24.20
Today is simple - 20 Minutes in Moby Max; you should be either on Viruses, Prokaryotes or A Closer look at Bacteria. Work at least 20 min with high focus!
If you haven't been keeping up with the Moby Max assignments, you are still on Classifying Organisms.

I am Mrs. Katie Thompson, and this is my first year at BHS. I teach biology and environmental science this year. My most important job is being a mom to my 3 kids and a wife to an amazing husband. I have a lot of hobbies and things I enjoy and can't wait to share my experiences with the students at Buford High School.