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Counseling Services

Counseling Services

The Counseling Department provides many services and programs for students, parents, and faculty to assist in achieving academic success and in exploring options for the future.


Counselor Services for Students:

Counselors work with students individually and in classroom guidance. Students can see a counselor when needed. Parents can call the school front office to make an appointment with their child’s school counselor. Counselor caseloads are divided by grade level.

College and Career Service:

Mrs. Carmen Borja is our college and career coordinator. She is  available to assist students and parents in their search for information concerning transcripts, colleges, armed services, careers, and financial aid. Parents are encouraged to contact the Georgia Student Finance Commission for additional financial aid information and assistance with completing the FAFSA. More information can be found at

Parent Services:

Parents may call Buford High School at 770-945-6768 to schedule a conference with the principal, assistant principal, counselor, or teacher(s). Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled through the grade level administrator and held after school or during a teacher’s planning period. Also, BHS has an e-mail system in which parents may e-mail teachers for information. See the BHS web site at