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Scholarships are out there but it takes work to find them. Start early. Many deadlines are in the fall of the senior year, so begin looking in the junior year. Scholarships are usually offered to students who meet certain requirements. For example, scholarships may be given to students who have strong academic or athletic skills, who are members of a specific ethnic group or whose parents work for a certain company. Here are some possible places to find scholarships.
  • College scholarships - These scholarships are the most common type. Check out the college's website and financial aid materials. Awards can be offered on a university-wide basis or within a particular major. Contact the financial aid department at colleges you are interested in.
  • Local organizations - sometimes give scholarships every year to students from the area. Check with city hall or the public library.
  • Professional associations - often have scholarship money available for the children of their members.
  • Place of employment - either parent or child. The local owner, the local franchise, or the parent company many have a scholarship fund for employees or their children.
  • Group associated with your hobbies or other interests.
  • Ethnic background or geographic location can qualify you for certain scholarships.
  • Scholarship Search Websites - these vary in helpfulness.
When applying for scholarships, remember:
  • Read and follow all directions carefully.
  • Answer all questions completely.
  • Pay attention to deadlines.
  • Notify your College and Career Coordinator, Mrs. Borja in plenty of time if you need transcripts or recommendation letters.
  • Keep copies of everything.