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The SAT and ACT dates are listed on each link.
The SAT assesses your math and English skills. It also contains a writing portion. Each section has a maximum of 800 points, with a high score of 1600 for the math and verbal sections. Many college websites will discuss their "freshman profile" and list the SAT scores out of 1600. It is important to know what sections the college includes so that you know the expectations. The SAT also has subject tests. Many colleges do not require students to take the subject test for the SAT. Please check with your prospective college or university admissions office to see what test are required for admission. To register for the SAT, follow this link: SAT Registration
The ACT contains four sub-tests in English, Math, Reading, and Science. A separate ACT Writing Test is also available. Each sub-test has a high score of 36. These sub-test scores are averaged together for a Composite Score. Some colleges look at the sub-tests individually, others consider the entire Composite Score. To register for the ACT, follow this link: ACT Registration

*Students that receive Free or Reduced Lunch are eligible to receive waivers for the ACT and SAT.


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